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Here at The Next Level, we share our decade-long ArchViz knowledge with you, and we are actually pretty good at it. (We are also quite humble as you can see, which is always a plus).

Our core mission is to give you the tools to make your work stand out, as well as empower and inspire you.

Whether you are a veteran of the industry, or someone who just discovered the wonders of ArchViz and wants to know more, we've got you covered.

We offer real-life teachings from people who actually worked in the ArchViz industry for years - no fuff,

no bullsh*t.


If this sounds good to you, then we hope you will join our tribe and enjoy the ride. 

We look forward to doing some cool stuff with you.


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Founder, Post-production teacher, The boss

Lucia Frascerra is an architectural visualizer with a great passion for good food, dogs, and CGI.

After getting her MA in Architecture at the University of Florence, she finds her true calling in ArchViz, which soon leads her to move to London.

There, she works for some of the most influential studios in the industry, such as DBOX, Cityscape Digital, and Secchi Smith.

Her personal work wins several awards, is featured in books and magazines, and takes her onto the stages of conferences and events - the main ones being the D2 Conference in Vienna, the UY!CG in Montevideo, and the Architectural Visualization Day in Gothenburg.

Over the years, Lucia develops a real passion for teaching as she leads courses and masterclasses for Universities and ArchViz schools around the world, reaching hundreds of students.

In 2022, Lucia's love for ArchViz and teaching lead her to establish The Next Level, her very own training platform where she shares her knowledge and inspires people, wherever they are on their ArchViz journey.


Want to know more about Lucia and her personal work? Check out her website -



Chief Barking Officer

Head of hooman resources, hair distribution manager, chimken lover, bossy bitch, cute as fu*k.


Coming soon


Coming soon

*yes, at the moment it's just me and the dog and I've added two coming soon members to make it look more professional. Get over it.

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